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Starting this station as a hobby and passion, we have really moved forward so rapidly. Hoping to maybe get a couple of hundred listeners, unbelievably we have had over 30,000! Since we started on June 17th 2019, pretty amazing really.

We provide one of the best stations for oldies- well if you call starting about four years ago- then all the way back to the 70s and further back.  We have a truly professional approach and this shows in the quality of the music we play.

Now here is the Amazing Dave who is our first new contributor to the station:

That Seventies Sound




Dave Edwards -“That Seventies Sound”

Dave Edwards has been associated with the world of Radio Broadcasting for over 40 years, having started as many do, in Hospital Radio. He was one of the driving forces behind the formation of The Loughborogh Hospitals Broadcasting Service (LHBS) back in 1975.

In fact Dave was the Station Manager for several years.

 He was also associated with Radio Fox, in his home city of Leicester, in the early 1990’s. He produced and presented the Sunday Breakfast Show.

 Dave has, over the years,  worked for both Commercial and Publicly funded radio stations both here in the UK, as well world-wide.

 He started as a Studio Assistant at BBC Radio Leicester in 1976.

 He was used as a Commercial ‘Voice Over’ talent on Radio Trent in Nottingham and Mercia Sound in Coventry in the eighties.

 Dave spent several years producing and presenting shows for local stations here in the UK.  He also spent some time broadcasting in Indonesia.

 Dave returned to live in the UK again in 2010. He has spent the past few years providing ‘Voice Overs’ for several radio Stations, producing them in the Broadcast Studio that he has set up at his home.

 He has also been very busy running  his own Internet Radio Station, Classic Hits Uk, which showcases the hits of the 60’s & 70’s. The station is heard in over 95 countries worldwide.

Having grown up in the Sixties, and having experienced the Seventies, he has a genuine love for the popular music of those two  decades.

His special love of the 70’s is reflected in his show called ‘That Seventies Sound’ which he produces and presents each and every week. The show is not only heard on Classic Hits Uk, but on other quality radio station’s around the globe.



Here is our next contributor

The Golden Years

 Philip Medcalf – “The Golden Years”

Like many up and coming radio presenters I started my radio career in hospital radio within the 2 years of being at my local hospital radio I went on to be nominated at the national HBA (Hospital Broadcasting Association) awards, not once but twice! The first time was for Best New Comer and the second was for Best Male Presenter.

At the end of my time on Hospital Radio Lynn I moved to a new local online radio station called Fen Radio.  I snapped up the opportunity to be a part of a new upcoming local radio station and I started to present Tuesday night’s Heroes of The Zer00’s. 


Now with a fully functioning studio I could now broadcast Heroes of The Zer00’s from my home, which got me thinking on what else I could use the studio for and then one night I had an idea about doing syndicate radio shows and as you can see the rest is now history.



Robin Dee – “Robin Dee’s Big Oldies”

I’m Robin Dee and I host Robin Dee’s BIG Oldies, a fast-paced show playing the very best in Classic Hits that you know well, and ones you’ve forgotten.

It’s a barnstorming dynamic show ‘playing the hits you miss’, and bringing back the excitement of the former British offshore ‘pirate’ stations and classic Top 40 radio.

A little bit about me. Very briefly, a lifetime of experience in radio presentation and production over the years, from playing around with tape recorders as a child, to hospital radio, then local commercial radio, progressing into internet radio which I have been very active in since 1999, both running my own stations and producing syndicated Oldies, Country and Classic Rock shows for distribution to radio stations worldwide. All of this alongside my main careers of car salesman, used car dealership proprietor, retail petroleum equipment engineer, and finally, truck driver. Now retired, I can dedicate my time to my first love – radio!

Music tastes? All 60s, 70s and 80s. But I like modern stuff too if it’s good. And did I mention Oldies?

Other interests? Radio, music, mountain biking, classic cars, dining out, oh – and did I say radio?


Anyway, here’s a warm invitation to join me on “Robin Dee’s BIG Oldies”, where there’s always fun, frolics, and a truck load of superb music.

breeze bundaberg

 Colin French – “Solid Gold”  (+ Christmas week marathon)


Colin was introduced to turntables playing the 45’s of the day at family party’s in the mid 50’s. He remembers Eddie Fisher’s Cindy Oh Cindy as the first track he ever played. His first job in radio was as a casual panel operator at a small country station. He also worked on commercial broadcasting stations both on air and behind the scenes as a voice talent. In the early 80’s he produced a 60’s top 40 show on Community Radio in 2BCR 88.7 FM Bankstown and later 2GLF Liverpool in Sydney  N S W Australia.

He moved to  Bundaberg with his family in the 90’s  and  helped set up the town’s first Community Station Coral Coast 94.7 FM which opened in 2000.  A couple of years later  he worked on a second station 96.3 FM.Colin, his wife Jan and the ”ZOO” moved to Tasmania  where he was toretire but Colin’s interest in everything radio raised its head again. 

He spent a short time presenting Christian pop music on the internet station ”The Journey” at lunchtime Central time in the US. Later he opened his own Internet radio, Goodtime Oldies playing exclusively 60’s classics complete with jingles of the time. Unfortunately he found as many hobby web casters do, the Government fees were beyond him and closed the station after 9 years. During this time Colin found that producing programmes for other small broadcasters satisfying and has opened this website so the stations can obtain these for FREE.




Gary Hopkins

Gary Hopkins-  presents Back to the 80s and  Blast 


My name is Gary and I present Back to the 80s and A Blast from the Past.
I’ve been in radio since 2010 presenting live radio on various stations and pre-recorded shows since early 2017.
The one thing I love about my shows, is finding the gems that haven’t been heard by myself and so probably the listener for a number of years either, and that for me is the best thing about presenting my shows.

I live in SW England with my family and work full time and consider radio as my hobby.

I love all kinds of music and have a very varied playlist on my phone.

Glyn Williams

Glyn Williams- presents  ” Silky Soul”

Glyn’s career as a DJ started at 7 years of age on his brother’s mobile disco. From 13 he was working in night clubs and in 1994 started the 9th RSL Community radio station in the UK ‘Valley Radio’ before becoming sales director for Amber Sound FM.

During his 4 years at Amber Sound FM he presented The Breakfast Show, Drive Time and his favourite show The Soul Show which started in 1994.

In 1997 Glyn began the ‘Soultastic’ Soul Club based at Alfreton Leisure Centre in Derbyshire UK attracting up to 800 soul lovers every month at the regular monthly soul nights.

During the late 70’s Glyn was a regular attendee at The Wigan Casino and lots of other soul all-nighters across the country.

Glyn’s taste is very wide and with a huge collection of both northern soul and more modern tunes.

Silky soul is broadcast every week on this station – past shows can be heard at https://mixcound.com/radioglyn and you can contact him direct using radioglyn@gmail.com

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