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Welcome to the wonderful Philippines!

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We are so happy to enter another year of broadcasting! with our great and dedicated DJ team. These are some of the best DJs in the world, queueing up to join our station!

 are so happy to enter 

In other news, Ginger  and Nuts, have informed us , that due to deteriorating health, Ginger and Nuts will not be broadcasting next year!


This will be a sad loss, not just to us, but to the radio industry.





If you have an ALEXA device-just say:






To keep updated about the scheduling be sure to keep an eye on the Facebook group" POP Radio Philippines".

 Also look for our page with the same title, we are also on Twitter (X)  @popradio7 and Instagram  @popradiophilippines.



Fancy a bit a laugh on Friday evening join Ginger and nuts live from the UK, now on BST so they start at 7pm. Repeated Saturday 2pm, then again on Wednesday at 8am.




If you want  your company or business promoted, then please contact us         info@popradio.vip


We have so many great shows and brilliant dedicated professionals. They are all so fantastic!


Be sure to listen to a bit of sense in this crazy world when Grace Capsules comes your way at 5pm every Wednesday,Saturday and Sunday. Pastor Nick is a great bonus to our station, and we love to listen to his words of wisdom.


This is always followed by LA Spinz with all the latest news from Hollywood .


Happy Listeners with their Exclusive T-shirts 

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