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October 17th




We have had a pretty uneventful week here at POP Radio, on Friday we were off -air for 20 minutes whilst our broadcast PC was updated. Other than that all is running very smoothly.


Radio is an important form of media to inform the population and to entertain, we believe that after one year of broadcasting, we are doing just that. 

We have so many great DJs and shows daily. such great talent, it is our pleasure to have them on POP Radio. Thanks to social media we have had such a big global audience.  We are sure we are the #1 Expat radio station here in the Philippines-THANK YOU!


Note we now have FIVE HOURS of SOUL every Saturday and  Tuesday nights!

If you are interested in advertising on one of the most successful radio stations, please contact us:  HERE


Thanks to each and everyone of you for making our radio station so successful.

We know  we have just the right mix, and listeners really like listening to the unique mix we are offering. 


Below is Pastor Nick Ferry and you can hear him  and his Grace Capsules on Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday at 9 .00 for his weekly sermon.



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