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Welcome to the wonderful Philippines!

Our new-look studio!

#1 in the UK

Latest News




Congratulations to our our own Lynda Law  who duets with the legendary George McCrae, who has now reached #1 in the UK, on the Heritage Chart!


As we head towards Christmas, a lot has changed here in POP Radio Towers. The leaks have finally been fixed in the studio.

All problems that we had with the studio have now been corrected, and everything is running pretty smoothly.



To keep updated about the scheduling be sure to keep an eye on the Facebook group" POP Radio Philippines".

 Also look for our page with the same title, we are also on Twitter @popradio7 and Instagram  @popradiophilippines.



Fancy a bit of sauciness? Well we now have the steamiest show on the radio! It's the Ginger and Nuts Late Night Show, this is an X Rated show ,and is now on Thursday evenings at 10pm.



If you have an ALEXA


Phillies Sportsbar  is a regular contributor to our group page, so if you want the latest news, then always look there  first!


Tropicana Castle Hotel is in Sabang, Peuto Galera, Mindoro Island. Do check them out. If you are in the South of Luzon then why not visit them? There you can live like a King or Queen with them in this replica castle! Just click on their logo to find out more.


We have so many great shows and brilliant dedicated professionals. They are all so fantastic!


Be sure to listen to a bit of sense in this crazy world when Grace Capsules comes your way at 5pm every Wednesday,Saturday and Sunday. Pastor Nick is a great bonus to our station, and we love to listen to his words of wisdom.


This is always followed by LA Spinz with all the latest news from Hollywood .


Happy Listeners with their Exclusive T-shirts (& caps)

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